“First Man Adam”

One day in the first created garden, Adam was complaining to his Father. His Father said to him; “Adam, go name the entire animal kingdom, then come back too me and I will make a list”. So Adam left on his journey of time and travelled a great adventure. Adam returned home to the garden and leaned up against the first tree and started crying. His Father said to him; “Adam, what seems to be your troubles”. Adam returned with this comment. Father!, how come when I was naming all the animal kingdom, there were two of them but only one of me, and now here I am alone to do your work? Adam slid down to the bottom of the tree and fell fast asleep. “Wherever one desire lies the flow of the service follows”. Adam’s Father knew desire of man was fulfilled and that evening the Father took a bone from the man, and designed the first woman as helper. The first seed of earth was life which was put into a man and one man produced bone and skin giving to a woman.

The words “Do not touch” were given in the beginning turning into disobedience making three wrongs comes to light. One act of stealing, one act of hiding in shame, followed by one act of truth (awareness) that became free to be real. Denying truth at first leaves doubt in the mind forever!

Let’s see now: first man was created from the seed of the earth, first woman made from skin and bone of first man, and together they disobeyed making three things wrong. Love had to become three for the human eye to see and have an understanding of what love is and what true love looks like in the end. Love cannot be explained, love cannot be hidden, love must be lived out so it can be seen to give again. Sin is done individually but the punishment must be split between them both together.. “One winner stands proudly alone but an enemy will have many to follow the crowd.”