The act of perfection can be reached but extremely hard to maintain and retain because it is not ours to reach for and hold onto in life. Perfection is only a reflection of what has come before. Creating a sense of perfection is the fall to any plans made for tomorrow. When our plan for today was made yesterday, then the thought has been forgotten and replaced with a new thought in the present time. Both our brain and heart need to be serviced by our body parts before any plan can come together by making it happen logically. God our Father/Creator created but only one day each day to live forever in time made, given to enjoy for each of his people. One soul has a story and a journey to travel along the paths that they have chosen too create themselves. When we change our thoughts, we can expect our hearts to follow. Our habits differ from the routines we create daily, and overtime will change our ways of thinking. We cannot plan for tomorrow because only today belongs to each human being and therefore every persons plan comes alive. We cannot do anything about what happened yesterday and tomorrow is not ours to plan, so what do we do today that we did yesterday, because that is all we know for sure and that is when mistakes happen. I think and I ask; why are our paths so bumpy along the roads in our journey? but to straighten out our thoughts and the paths will become more manageable. Our thoughts control our hearts which guide the individual’s body towards challenging opportunities along the road of time. Each and everyday is a new day with new challenges and opportunity to change today from yesterday too make tomorrow brighter. We have only one day to accept or deny what we have been given.