Without Jesus Christ coming to earth and blessing it with his presence, the earth would die and would have nothing to offer but grief and resentment, just like how mankind gives to each other. Christ is the only One who is capable of healing all our sins by dying on the cross and shedding his own blood and the Holy Spirit given is the only One who can guide the days to help in each way. Mankind was born alone but does not have to live alone, all that we must do is ask and it shall be given. I like to say that this world belongs to God and the time will follow behind it wherever it goes forever, how much time it takes has already been given. Each day created is for humankind to enjoy while they stay and pass through the ways given by life itself. Humanity has many brain (cells) thoughts put out by our minds which are given words for processing and are like a car racing out of control because they are all fighting to be number One but each one needs to find a way of their own to win.