Each and every day is a new day because the day was given and all we must do is learn how to play, share and say thank you for the gift of true time. Truth is in front of us in all things we see living but in things unseen that are not truthful will be blinding to the eyes. Things unseen are not for us to know they existed long before we were given them today. Something unseen, is not to be revealed until the appropriate time has arrived. Everything created gets time to live out their journey of life when the word gets given to them. When something is supposed to happen it will. If it is not meant to be then it will not happen until the slated time has arrived, if its meant to be in the first place. All life only gets to live out one day at a time because there was only one day created at a time from the beginning. Twenty-four hours each day and now what are you going to do with it. God created his plan long ago and He is waiting for a response from us to say thank-you for ourselves. Whenever time gets started is the time to get people together. We might feel alone in pain but the pain has been paid for before you were born.