Let’s see now: first man was created from the seed of truth in the earth, first woman was made from skin and bone of the first man, and together they disobeyed making things wrong between them. Love had to become three for the human eye to see and have an understanding of what love is and what true love looks like in the end. Three being Father, Son and Holy Spirit as a helping guide. Love cannot be explained, love cannot be hidden, love must be lived out so it can be seen to be given again. Sin is done individually but the punishment must be split between them both. “One winner stands proudly alone but an enemy will have many to follow the crowd.” When we take the time that was given to us from the beginning to give to somebody new, then the old will end opening the door for one more. There will be room for more because God said so. All things can be won and all things can be lost but the important thing to remember is sharing will always be first. Love became three so that we could see but the wall went up when we disagreed. There can be no judgment with love, love is perfect and has no boundaries or limitations when it comes to forgiving wrong doings.

Love is Triune and can only be complete when it happens in three by any One. Nothing is complete without-thought (thinking about it), without-word (whatever is spoken), and without-deed (the action taken with time), and all three gives a destination to be followed by the end. Love is perfect in its own time but fails to fall on its own alone. Love can only fail when its given to a man because a man does not know what to do with it when they get it. Love is deaf and blind to all wrong doing by mankind because God is good that only do good, for the good of mankind. Truth, Word and Spirit are triune together and make up what God the Creator is all about, and can only be seen through the eyes of Jesus Christ his only Begotten Son. The memories of yesteryear’s for what has been done, the journey resonates within me today. I read and hear stories of the past from people I share life and walk along the path with each day but there can never be an answer, there can never be one solution, and the questions keep on coming forward. There can be no questions or answers when the solution have already been solved once, there can only be committed actions. Life was made for love, with love and for love to be love forever in a day. Love does not last forever when you cut it off at the root of where and how it started. Love can only start at home in the heart but when there was no love to be experienced, then there can be no love to go around. Love is our solid foundation for eternity and gets in our way of doing things. Love cannot last when the work never gets done. The connection between love and truth lies in the middle of listening and obedience to the commands that stands for righteousness in any man. If we do not give, then we do not get forgiven for forgiveness is the key for all men. Forgiveness can only be given by the God who created it from the beginning of time.