Love is so fragile that it shatters into many pieces when it gets broken. In actual fact, love breaks apart at all times if one chooses to do it alone. When the choice gets washed to the curb and the choice gets changed, a new way to do things is right around the corner. We have desires which drive the body into doing things it does not want to do. Where has the compassion for error gone. What happened to good examples of conduct that are equal to each other. There is no more and there is no less but what stands in the middle, is the desires of the heart. If the experience has been flawed from the past, how does it get changed but not repaired. Care has flown out the window and rules of order have moved in, on how we are expected to live in society. “When there is no order there can be no justice.” Command kicks in when order fails. We can only bring to the table what we carry inside our hearts. There can be no more when it is being given on all days. There can be no flaw until the mistake has been made and then forgiveness has already been repaired and paid for once. Change the way and get different results. Same old does not cut the mustard any longer. Share the error and end the mistakes. The only time we learn to share is when we do it. There can be no other time but the present itself. “Trying lies in the lap of the achiever.” “I looked at what I wanted and the want changed what I looked at in my needs”. There are many paths to follow but there is only one that leads to eternal joy forever. Look for man’s Lord Jesus.