Love Each Other

Love each other takes effort, love takes time (that was given) and energy (that was created), love can be demanding, love can be healing, love lives life when you let it, ¬†love gives when you give it your time, love lives forever but time rolls on with it, love never fails, Love is God and God is love waiting to be invited in on more time. Time is on going, love never stops giving, and faith will always lead the way. No-one has seen where love comes from because love was given in the beginning to be given again and again over and over. No-one Has seen the face of God except for those who give themselves for him to be seen. Life is a two-way path with no guidelines along the way. Life was created out of love for love to be passed forward to everyone who learns how to give. ‘Giving in to love is giving in to listing and not listening stops love from giving.’¬†