Life’s Working Experiences

The following are various jobs I worked at during thirty-eight years of my life. As a young child I did a lot of favours for my mother by helping her friends’ clean their windows, go-for errands to the store, go-for this and go-for that, essentially a gofer for everyone. By doing these things, it would put a smile on mother’s face which brought a smile to mine at the same time. Here is a fast run down of my story; I started in dry cleaning, moved to grocery delivery on bicycle, sold Sunday newspapers on a street corner then moved into full delivery with my own routes going door-to-door and having customers. I worked for Loss Prevention in retail arresting people, sided houses, roofed roofs, washed dishes, pumped gas, and was an Altar Boy in a Catholic church. I have slung beer, worked retail, sold all kinds of merchandise, served food, I have been involved with guns and drugs and drank alcohol for forty years. In a brief explanation it would go something like this; “I have framed houses, sided houses, have roofed roofs, I have cleaned skyscraper windows in Vancouver and I have dug ditches in Montreal. I have been married, owned a home, worked for whoever I wanted, made as much money as I wanted to, went anywhere I wanted to go, ate whatever I wanted at any time, drank whenever I chose to drink, take drugs whenever I wanted, I worked for whoever would pay me and I quit on any boss I was pissed off with. During that thirty-eight years of work I had two ten year careers. One was in Loss Prevention and one was in the Gambling industry. I have enjoyed a life in which I lived alone in the silence of darkness. Now I have a goal and I have a company which I have become a public speaker inspiring and motivating individuals to empower themselves to never give up and keep driving forward with any decision to move forward. Reach for the help and ask instead of going it alone

Choose a New Beginning

A New beginning starts each new day. Whatever happened yesterday, and whatever happens tomorrow, is besides the importance of today, the only day that is in front of your eyes. Accomplishments happen according to the desires of the student and can only happen when the time is right, which is never known by the teacher. Remember!, only when the student is ready can the proper teacher appear. When the teacher becomes Christ, the word found is in Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is in the witness.

A new beginning starts in the human heart, needing the desire to control itself. Trust can only be found in love, and love can only be found in God. When a friend is not trusted, a brother cannot be loved, because love and friendship are of equal value.