About David Brian Shaw

I am an individual who has Multiple Sclerosis, is training to be an inspirational speaker, loves life and people, and works hard to teach people that loving oneself needs to be a priority before leaving your front door each and every day.


The act of perfection can be reached but extremely hard to maintain and retain because it is not ours to reach for and hold onto in life. Perfection is only a reflection of what has come before. Creating a sense of perfection is the fall to any plans made for tomorrow. When our plan for today was made yesterday, then the thought has been forgotten and replaced with a new thought in the present time. Both our brain and heart need to be serviced by our body parts before any plan can come together by making it happen logically. God our Father/Creator created but only one day each day to live forever in time made, given to enjoy for each of his people. One soul has a story and a journey to travel along the paths that they have chosen too create themselves. When we change our thoughts, we can expect our hearts to follow. Our habits differ from the routines we create daily, and overtime will change our ways of thinking. We cannot plan for tomorrow because only today belongs to each human being and therefore every persons plan comes alive. We cannot do anything about what happened yesterday and tomorrow is not ours to plan, so what do we do today that we did yesterday, because that is all we know for sure and that is when mistakes happen. I think and I ask; why are our paths so bumpy along the roads in our journey? but to straighten out our thoughts and the paths will become more manageable. Our thoughts control our hearts which guide the individual’s body towards challenging opportunities along the road of time. Each and everyday is a new day with new challenges and opportunity to change today from yesterday too make tomorrow brighter. We have only one day to accept or deny what we have been given.


Love is so fragile that it shatters into many pieces when it gets broken. In actual fact, love breaks apart at all times if one chooses to do it alone. When the choice gets washed to the curb and the choice gets changed, a new way to do things is right around the corner. We have desires which drive the body into doing things it does not want to do. Where has the compassion for error gone. What happened to good examples of conduct that are equal to each other. There is no more and there is no less but what stands in the middle, is the desires of the heart. If the experience has been flawed from the past, how does it get changed but not repaired. Care has flown out the window and rules of order have moved in, on how we are expected to live in society. “When there is no order there can be no justice.” Command kicks in when order fails. We can only bring to the table what we carry inside our hearts. There can be no more when it is being given on all days. There can be no flaw until the mistake has been made and then forgiveness has already been repaired and paid for once. Change the way and get different results. Same old does not cut the mustard any longer. Share the error and end the mistakes. The only time we learn to share is when we do it. There can be no other time but the present itself. “Trying lies in the lap of the achiever.” “I looked at what I wanted and the want changed what I looked at in my needs”. There are many paths to follow but there is only one that leads to eternal joy forever. Look for man’s Lord Jesus.


Without Jesus Christ coming to earth and blessing it with his presence, the earth would die and would have nothing to offer but grief and resentment, just like how mankind gives to each other. Christ is the only One who is capable of healing all our sins by dying on the cross and shedding his own blood and the Holy Spirit given is the only One who can guide the days to help in each way. Mankind was born alone but does not have to live alone, all that we must do is ask and it shall be given. I like to say that this world belongs to God and the time will follow behind it wherever it goes forever, how much time it takes has already been given. Each day created is for humankind to enjoy while they stay and pass through the ways given by life itself. Humanity has many brain (cells) thoughts put out by our minds which are given words for processing and are like a car racing out of control because they are all fighting to be number One but each one needs to find a way of their own to win.  


Each and every day is a new day because the day was given and all we must do is learn how to play, share and say thank you for the gift of true time. Truth is in front of us in all things we see living but in things unseen that are not truthful will be blinding to the eyes. Things unseen are not for us to know they existed long before we were given them today. Something unseen, is not to be revealed until the appropriate time has arrived. Everything created gets time to live out their journey of life when the word gets given to them. When something is supposed to happen it will. If it is not meant to be then it will not happen until the slated time has arrived, if its meant to be in the first place. All life only gets to live out one day at a time because there was only one day created at a time from the beginning. Twenty-four hours each day and now what are you going to do with it. God created his plan long ago and He is waiting for a response from us to say thank-you for ourselves. Whenever time gets started is the time to get people together. We might feel alone in pain but the pain has been paid for before you were born.   

Love Each Other

Love each other takes effort, love takes time (that was given) and energy (that was created), love can be demanding, love can be healing, love lives life when you let it,  love gives when you give it your time, love lives forever but time rolls on with it, love never fails, Love is God and God is love waiting to be invited in on more time. Time is on going, love never stops giving, and faith will always lead the way. No-one has seen where love comes from because love was given in the beginning to be given again and again over and over. No-one Has seen the face of God except for those who give themselves for him to be seen. Life is a two-way path with no guidelines along the way. Life was created out of love for love to be passed forward to everyone who learns how to give. ‘Giving in to love is giving in to listing and not listening stops love from giving.’ 


Let’s see now: first man was created from the seed of truth in the earth, first woman was made from skin and bone of the first man, and together they disobeyed making things wrong between them. Love had to become three for the human eye to see and have an understanding of what love is and what true love looks like in the end. Three being Father, Son and Holy Spirit as a helping guide. Love cannot be explained, love cannot be hidden, love must be lived out so it can be seen to be given again. Sin is done individually but the punishment must be split between them both. “One winner stands proudly alone but an enemy will have many to follow the crowd.” When we take the time that was given to us from the beginning to give to somebody new, then the old will end opening the door for one more. There will be room for more because God said so. All things can be won and all things can be lost but the important thing to remember is sharing will always be first. Love became three so that we could see but the wall went up when we disagreed. There can be no judgment with love, love is perfect and has no boundaries or limitations when it comes to forgiving wrong doings.

Love is Triune and can only be complete when it happens in three by any One. Nothing is complete without-thought (thinking about it), without-word (whatever is spoken), and without-deed (the action taken with time), and all three gives a destination to be followed by the end. Love is perfect in its own time but fails to fall on its own alone. Love can only fail when its given to a man because a man does not know what to do with it when they get it. Love is deaf and blind to all wrong doing by mankind because God is good that only do good, for the good of mankind. Truth, Word and Spirit are triune together and make up what God the Creator is all about, and can only be seen through the eyes of Jesus Christ his only Begotten Son. The memories of yesteryear’s for what has been done, the journey resonates within me today. I read and hear stories of the past from people I share life and walk along the path with each day but there can never be an answer, there can never be one solution, and the questions keep on coming forward. There can be no questions or answers when the solution have already been solved once, there can only be committed actions. Life was made for love, with love and for love to be love forever in a day. Love does not last forever when you cut it off at the root of where and how it started. Love can only start at home in the heart but when there was no love to be experienced, then there can be no love to go around. Love is our solid foundation for eternity and gets in our way of doing things. Love cannot last when the work never gets done. The connection between love and truth lies in the middle of listening and obedience to the commands that stands for righteousness in any man. If we do not give, then we do not get forgiven for forgiveness is the key for all men. Forgiveness can only be given by the God who created it from the beginning of time.

“First Man Adam”

One day in the first created garden, Adam was complaining to his Father. His Father said to him; “Adam, go name the entire animal kingdom, then come back too me and I will make a list”. So Adam left on his journey of time and travelled a great adventure. Adam returned home to the garden and leaned up against the first tree and started crying. His Father said to him; “Adam, what seems to be your troubles”. Adam returned with this comment. Father!, how come when I was naming all the animal kingdom, there were two of them but only one of me, and now here I am alone to do your work? Adam slid down to the bottom of the tree and fell fast asleep. “Wherever one desire lies the flow of the service follows”. Adam’s Father knew desire of man was fulfilled and that evening the Father took a bone from the man, and designed the first woman as helper. The first seed of earth was life which was put into a man and one man produced bone and skin giving to a woman.

The words “Do not touch” were given in the beginning turning into disobedience making three wrongs comes to light. One act of stealing, one act of hiding in shame, followed by one act of truth (awareness) that became free to be real. Denying truth at first leaves doubt in the mind forever!

Let’s see now: first man was created from the seed of the earth, first woman made from skin and bone of first man, and together they disobeyed making three things wrong. Love had to become three for the human eye to see and have an understanding of what love is and what true love looks like in the end. Love cannot be explained, love cannot be hidden, love must be lived out so it can be seen to give again. Sin is done individually but the punishment must be split between them both together.. “One winner stands proudly alone but an enemy will have many to follow the crowd.”

Working it Out

The following are the various jobs I did during that thirty-eight years of my life. As a young child I did a lot of favors for my mother by helping her friends’ clean their windows, go-for errands to the store, go-for this and go-for that, essentially a gofer for everyone. By doing these things, it would put a smile on mother’s face which brought a smile to mine at the same time. Here is a fast run down of my story; I started in dry cleaning, moved to grocery delivery on bicycle, sold newspapers on a corner then moved into full delivery with my own routes going door-to-door and having customers. I worked for Loss Prevention in retail arresting people with criminal circumstances, sided houses, roofed roofs, washed dishes, pumped gas, and was an altar boy in a Catholic church. I have slung beer, worked retail, sold all kinds of merchandise, served food, I have been involved with guns and drugs and drank alcohol for forty years. In a brief explanation it would go something like this; “I have framed houses, sided houses, have roofed roofs, I have cleaned skyscraper windows in Vancouver and I have dug ditches in Montreal. I have been married, owned a home, worked for whoever I wanted, made as much money as I wanted to, went anywhere I wanted to go, ate whatever I wanted at any time, drank whenever I chose to drink, take drugs whenever I wanted, I worked for whoever would pay me and I quit on any boss I was pissed off with. During that thirty-eight years of work I had two ten year careers. One was in Loss Prevention and one was in the Alberta gambling industry. I have enjoyed a life in which I lived alone in the silence of darkness. Now I have a goal and I have a company which I have become a public speaker inspiring and motivating individuals to empower themselves to never give up and keep driving forward with any decision to move forward. Reach for the help and ask instead of going it alone.


I am a man sixty-two years young and I have battled with relationships all of my life but there was one thing missing. “The Creator” of all living life. What is in life but what is put into it and made to be, and all mankind is found in Jesus Christ. I had my last rights given to me when I was four because I was put into the hospital with Pneumonia. I was in the hospital for two days before contracting the Measles. My body temperature rose to 106 degrees and climbing. The doctors did not think that I was going to live much longer; so the doctors called in a catholic priest (we were Roman Catholic) and performed the last rights of a human being on me. Later in my life; my father was an alcoholic, a workaholic making little money and he never being home, and left the family when I was very young. I do not remember when he left but I remember holding onto my mother’s leg for dear life. I watched my dad walk down the stairs carrying a suitcase wearing a fancy hat. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs, turned and looked up at me saying; ‘you are the man of the house now and it’s up to you to take care of the family’. He opened the front door and left. Such is life when we’ve been given instructions from a parent.

“But verses Butt”

When conversations are going back and forth between two people and the word but/butt is constantly used, I ask the question; How do you spell your but/butt, is it But or is it Butt; are you telling me some information or are you telling me a whole bunch of verbal diarrhea!